About CSM

Family-owned and operated, CSM has been in business for over 60 years.

We manufacture metal deck in our Houston, Texas facility with nationwide delivery. Our products include roof deck, composite floor deck, and form deck. We also stock deck for same-day shipping. We are proud of our quality products, but it’s our customer service that sets us apart.

Unlike some providers who hold their quotes until a bid deadline, we rush our estimate to you the moment it is ready.
Ben, Estimator
We work very hard to make sure we are meeting the customer schedule, not our schedule.
Cheryl, Estimator
Once your order is placed, I will be in direct contact with you – verifying delivery details and updating you with route information.
Josh, Schedule Coordinator
Public companies answer to shareholders. As a family-owned business, we answer to our customers.
Casey Wendelburg, Vice President

Our Facility

To quickly fulfill your orders, our warehouses house multiple production lines.

Our roll-forming machines manufacture a variety of metal deck, including B-Deck, 1 ½ “Composite Deck, and  1 ½” From Deck.

Our climate-controlled warehouse holds a large inventory of metal deck stock, ready for same-day shipping.

750,000+ SF

Our weekly production capacity

1,250,000 SF

Our largest project

2,200 miles

Our furthest delivery

Focused on Service

We provide estimates per your specs or from your drawings.

Your material arrives dry.

Our schedule coordinator keeps you posted on your order status.